Outdoor Music & CCTV

  • Beautiful music in your garden
  • Ideal for parties & BBQs
  • Lights to welcome you home
  • Subtle lighting for your front and rear garden
  • Bringing the outdoors indoors
  • CCTV to secure your property

Bring Your Garden Alive With Music

There's nothing like time in the garden when the weather is bright and sunny. Our outdoor music systems will delight you, your family and guests. They're suitable for all types of music, from calming classical to beat filled dance anthems, ensuring everyone is happy during their time outdoors. When the sun is out and the smell of fresh flowers is in the air, a professionally installed music system in your garden ensures all your senses are satisfied.

Full control of your garden music can be easily achieved through a simple phone app or dedicated remote handset. You won't even have to get up from your sun lounger to change a track or turn on the radio.

Lighting to Welcome You Home or Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

Great outdoor lighting really helps set the mood for late summer evening parties or just a quiet glass of wine outdoors. But outdoor lighting can also add a warm welcome home after a long day at work and add security for both the front and back of your property.

Our bespoke outdoor lighting systems match energy efficient lamps, beautiful lighting fixtures and simple control technology to give you a wide gamut of lighting scenarios at the touch of a button. We can even automate outdoor lights to simulate you being at home when you are away.

CCTV - Safety and Peace of Mind

We all like to sleep safe at night and to know our property is protected while we're away. CCTV is an ideal way to achieve this, offering a strong deterrent to intruders and hard evidence if the worst should happen. Cameras can be made to look subtle or obvious to visitors, depending on your need.

All our CCTV systems are professionally designed and installed to ensure you feel as secure as you deserve to be in your own home. Not only can they provide recording and playback of events, but individual cameras can be viewed on your smart phone, no matter where you are in the world. We can even add activity alerts by email or text so you know instantly should something occur.

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