Home Cinema

Home Cinema:
Thrilling Entertainment for the Whole Family
  • Better than the movie theatre
  • Amazingly realistic picture
  • Fully immersive surround sound
  • Simple to control
  • Adds value to your home

A True Cinema Experience

You've probably seen large TVs in high street shops, maybe even sound bars too? For many people this is the equipment they think of when hearing the phrase 'home cinema'. But, in terms of modern technology, that's just the beginning.

Advances in display technology, including high-performance projectors and sophisticated, fully immersive surround sound equipment, mean that a 'home cinema' can now easily out-perform a commercial cinema. That is, when it's designed and installed by experts.

With 15 years of cinema design experience we can do just that.

Not Just for the Super Wealthy...

You'd be forgiven for thinking that building a fully-fledged cinema at home would need a lottery win or a footballer's salary! In truth, a cinema can be built for a similar cost to a mid-spec kitchen or small swimming pool. In fact, the cost can be suprisingly affordable when compared to other larger home projects and, just like that kitchen or pool, it will add considerable value and desirability when it comes to re-sell your home.

Media Rooms

It's not all blacked out rooms...

While a dedicated, darkened room is often the best place for a cinema, we can also transform other rooms into wonderful entertainment spaces, all at the touch of a button! Motorised dropdown screens and projectors, TVs that double as artwork and a myriad other techniques can be used to offer an amazing cinema experience in a multi-use room.

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