Lighting Control

Colourful, Inspiring and Efficient Lighting for Every Room
  • Creative lighting for any room
  • Power efficient, ecologically focused
  • Colour changing & dimming at the touch of a button
  • Scenes to create different moods
  • Added security when you're not home

Create a Mood, Your Mood

When it comes to lighting, most homes are very simple - a single room-lamp on the ceiling and maybe a table-lamp or two. You'd be forgiven for thinking that was where home lighting ends. However, take a closer look at your favourite restaurant or hotel and you'll find all kinds of creative lighting.

Different fixtures, placements and control can create a huge range of possibilities and even offer different moods as the time of day changes.

Setting a Scene

Working with architects on our interior designs, we bring easy-to-use lighting control technology to the party. Multiple lights in a single room can be set to dim, change colour and even react over time. A room's scene can be created so, for example, a kitchen is brightly lit for cooking, but dimmed to a subtle, moodier after-dinner setting for evening gatherings with friends.

There's no end to the possibilities once a reliable lighting control system is added to your home. Our expert team of designers and installers will help you create the perfect mood for every room and every scenario.

Efficiency as standard

With ecological concerns and rising energy prices on most people's minds, it is reassuring to know that our home lighting solutions use energy efficient fixtures and dimming techniques as standard.

Modern LED lights and other energy saving technologies really help keep power consumption low while you enjoy the wonderful moods and colours your modern lighting creates. 

You're at home, even when you're not

To help with home security we can simulate everyday activity in your home with lighting, even when you're away.

Using lighting control and timed patterns your home can 'pretend' you are home, helping deter intruders and other unwelcome guests.

It's a little added peace of mind.

Illuminate your home, easily and efficiently! Ask Us How